Attended contests

Year Contest Team role
2017 41st Annual World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Contestant
2016 The 2016 ACM-ICPC Asia Daejeon Regional Contest Contestant
2016 Asia Korea National First Round Programming Contest Contestant


Hanpil Kang May, 19 9:25 AM Hanpil Kang I will do ICPC Quest while participating! #QuestIntro #ICPC2017

Hanpil Kang May, 19 9:15 AM Hanpil Kang

See you in Rapid City in 24 hours #Quest24h #ICPC2017

Hanpil Kang May, 19 15:52 PM Hanpil Kang

Remeber to pack laptop for practicing! #QuestBring #ICPC2017

Hanpil Kang May, 19 15:57 PM Hanpil Kang

#QuestBag #ICPC2017 Simple but everything is in.

Hanpil Kang May, 19 19:03 PM Hanpil Kang

Everyone is here! #QuestTravel #ICPC2017