Attended contests

Year Contest Team role
2016 40th Annual World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Contestant
2016 The 2016 North American Invitational Programming Contest Contestant
2015 The 2015 Southern California Regional Contest Contestant


Yuehui Wang May, 10 1:38 AM Yuehui Wang

360 #QuestAttendees #ICPC2016

Yuehui Wang May, 10 1:32 AM Yuehui Wang

#QuestICPCFood #ICPC2016 Great news!

Yuehui Wang May, 16 5:42 AM Yuehui Wang

#QuestIntro #ICPC2016 Nice contest!

Yuehui Wang May, 17 1:16 AM Yuehui Wang

#QuestTechTrek #ICPC2016 I really love the Watson robot. It is so cute and I wonder how to design and manufacture it.